Damson Cisor Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Damson Cisor is a small yet extremely powerful portable wireless speaker. Using Damson's Incisor Diffusion Technology it powers sound directly through the surface it's placed upon. Making it as powerful as speakers around 10 times its size. Designed in Yorkshire and built out of anodized Aluminium. Damson Cisor Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

Cisor sets itself apart from the rest by producing acoustics unique to each environment and surface. Each surface has different sound qualities to the next, meaning there's no limit to the fun you can have experimenting and finding out which sound does it for you. It gets better - the bigger the surface, the bigger the sound.

Incisor diffusion technology™ has removed the need for a cone. It does this by using the surface to act as a “cone”: the surface diffuses the sound.  This means the Cisor is able to provide a full audible frequency range down to as low as 30hz giving seriously deep bass and as high as 15khz which is high enough to reproduce sounds made by orchestral instruments.  Different surfaces (or substrates) have different resonating properties, so audio will sound slightly different depending upon the surface it is placed upon.

Not content with producing the most dynamic sound from a single speaker, we pushed the boundaries further to enable Cisor to work in wireless stereo. Bring two Cisors together and with a brief setup you will be streaming music in flawless, wireless stereo. Each Cisor can be set to a maximum of 10m (30') apart.

The result is phenomenal, with two tiny speakers able to fill a room of at least 500 sqft (42 sqm). Finally you'll be able to listen to music, in stereo, in your living room without having to resort to big (and, lets face it, ugly) speaker systems. You no longer need to compromise on style, or take up valuable space.


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