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HANDGREY KIN / TITANIUM Key & Belt hook - KIN {no.6} & {no.9}

The HANDGREY™ KIN is my take on the simple key hook EDC, for your pocket, belts, belt loop, purse, messenger bag, or pretty much anything you want to hook your keys on to.
I still rely on the bauhaus philosophy as my inspiration.  From then on, I let the lines and functions evolves.  The "feel" of the materials and the functions it serves, guides me toward the final outcome.  In this case, it  took on the design cues and curves, that harken back to the industrial era & machinery of the 1960s. 
With a number of variations & iterations on the drawing board, I narrowed the final design to 2 different versions / models:  KIN {No.6}, and KIN {No.9}  
There are no functional differences between the 2, only aesthetics.  I like how the 2 models feel in my hands.  No.6 felt more modern, and streamlined, while No.9 felt more mechanical and succinct.  
This new series will retain my signature unibody design, with precision details. Each piece is individually cut via EDM WIRE-CUTTING technology, solely from Grade 5 / Ti-6Al-4V Titanium. This the most detailed and precise production method available.  It is very expensive, and usually reserved for prototypes and precision tooling only.  You can't get much better than this when it comes to cutting. 
Simple hook with semi flexible spring clip
Extra large inner clearance for hooking on thicker objects
Unique micro-grip design to create a subtle grip.
Premium Grade 5 / Ti6AL4V titanium 
SLOW EDM wire-cutting for the finest precision details
Combination of Machine & Hand finishing, for best appearance
Material: Ti-6AL-4V [Grade 5 Titanium]
Weight:     7.4 Grams / approx.
Dimension:L 60.0mm * W12.0mm * TH 5.50mm
* Each KIN will come with One 25mm standard split keyring
* Handgrey KNOX keyring is an option for pairing with the KIN.

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