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Mas Design

Mas Design Bauhaus K11 Titanium Unibody Key Carabiner


Mas Design, Premium grade 5 Titanium are used to create this unibody Key Carabiner. 

The K Types were designed with duality and functionality in mind.  It is a simple carabiners used for carrying keys, but also serves as an emergency bottle opener when necessary. It has the same Unibody design as the C Type, and incorporates the BAUHAUS design principles in both its functionality and aesthetics.

The K11 has a simple elongated body that makes it suitable as a bottle opener.  The narrowness also gives it, an unobtrusive and timeless appearance.  When not in use, its modest dimension serves well as a keychain / keytags that compliments your key bundles.  

Length:   55.3 mm
Width:   23.15 mm 
Thickness:   5.5mm
Material: Ti6Al4V / Grade 5 Titanium

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