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Mas Design

Mas Design Bauhaus C11 Titanium Unibody Key Carabiner


Mas Design, Premium grade 5 Titanium are used to create this unibody Key Carabiner. 

The C Types were designed to be simple carabiners used for carrying keys.  Unibody by design, it incorporates the BAUHAUS principles to the fullest, and simplified to the limit of functionality and aesthetics.

The C11 is the longer counter part of the C10, with a compact, yet slightly longer body.  Its profile is narrow with a long concave gate for ergonomics, and ease of opening.  When not in use, its dimension allow the body to serve as a small keychain / keytags that compliments your key bundles.  

Length:   52.9 mm
Width:   21.2 mm 
Thickness:   5.5mm
Material: Ti6Al4V / Grade 5 Titanium

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